Surprisingly good: Blueberry iced-tea

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If , like me, you’re a fan of iced tea but can’t stand the sugar-laden products on sale – it’s really easy to make your own. Brew a cup of tea and pour it over approximately 8 ice cubes in a big glass. Top up to taste with blueberry juice. Ready to drink, easy as that! And yes, blueberry is an unusual choice, but trust me it’s surprisingly good.


Apple and date cobnut crumble

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I had chocolate ice cream with my crumble (bottom of pic)


We got some cob nuts and decided they’d be nice in a crumble. Oh yes they are! The recipe was made up off the top of my head, I might make a bit more topping next time… though that would make it less healthy?

30g cobnuts
30g oats
40g flour
50g butter
40g (light brown) sugar

2 apples
8 chopped dates
1 cup of tea
2 tspn runny honey


  1. Put the chopped dates to soak in the tea
  2. Grease the inside of the oven dish and put the oven on gas mark 5 (190°C, 370°F)
  3. Core the apples, slice thinly and place in the bottom of the oven dish
  4. Distribute the honey evenly over the apples
  5. Now make the topping by mixing all the ingedients together and rubbing in the fat so the topping looks like bread crumbs
  6. Drain the dates (keep the tea, it makes great iced tea!) and add to the apples
  7. Distribute the topping evenly on the top
  8. Place in the bottom of the oven for 1h


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We are very fortunate to have inherited from Cheryl’s grandmother a german baking book. It is called “Back vergnügen wie noch nie”, our edition was printed in 1983 so it is still quite modern with lots of colour pictures. It was written by Christian Teubner and Annette Wolter and seems to still be available, the last edition I can find online was printed in 2008.

It is our intention to bake lots of cakes and biscuits from the book, especially this christmas (the book has lots of seasonal bake recipes). One of our recent attempts is pictured above, the Marzipanzopf (Marzipan braid). I didn’t quite get the glaze right (too runny) but otherwise it was a success. Lots of marzipan and ground almonds as you might expect from a german cake!

Recipe: Beetroot and cheese pie

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Serving suggestion for beetroot and cheese pie

This weekend I made beetroot and cheese pie. I got the recipe from here: I made it with quite a mature cheese, which I think gave it a great savoury flavour. It is very tasty, I recommend you try it!

Hello world!

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This is a blog that I (Leon) am setting up with Cheryl on food and cooking. We hope to show you (and provide recipes for) what we cook in our kitchen in Topsham and review food when we eat out around Devon and other places in the UK and abroad. See our first food post soon!